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The shopping center 'South Gallery' is a fashionable and up-to-date shopping center in Simferopol. You can buy here all the most fashionable and trendy goods. Shopping, entertainment, celebrations, discounts and special offers, nice daily purchases – this is all about our shopping center! A convenient parking, fashionable stores, a lot of cozy cafes and restaurants, and children's entertainment center are shopping center's obvious advantages!   

Besides, warm atmosphere of our celebration will not let children get bored and will give an opportunity for parents to have some rest.




It is impossible to imagine leisure time in the shopping center without vivid impressions for the whole family, children and youth. Regular discounts and special offers will please parents and children are always welcomed at our shops and entertainment locations. The toys' and creativity goods' shops are waiting for little customers. The children's entertainment center Baby Boom is a unique children's land with exciting amusements, a lot of games and funny entertainers. It is a perfect place for celebrations and entertainment. And for weekend events, of course.
You can find more details and the timetable of events on our web site and social networking profiles.


Restaurants and cafes

In addition to the nice shopping in the shopping center 'South Gallery' customers are welcomed in restaurants and cafes. A cup of coffee with dessert, solid fresh out of the oven pizza, refined Japanese cuisine, popular and favourite Russian cuisine meals will definitely please both big groups and every single customer.  The shopping center 'South Gallery' also offers meals and beverages of different food cultures. Japanese cuisine from the 'Murakami', youthful format from the 'Merry Berry', fresh juices and smoothies from the Merry Berry, light desserts and beverages from the City Fresh, national flavor from the restaurants 'Izba' and 'Karavan', a large variety of hamburgers from the Burger House – everyone will find his or her favourite meal and beverage in the shopping center 'South Gallery's restaurants and cafes. And the hearty atmosphere of our public places will fill you with positive emotions!



Dear customers and guests of the shopping center Southern Gallery!01.06.2017

Dear customers and guests of the shopping center Southern Gallery!

01.06 2017

Since 01.06.17, hypermarket Auchan has changed the schedule: from 7 AM till 11 PM without breaks and weekends. We wish you more pleasant emotions from shopping and good mood! With love, Shopping Center Southern Gallery

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Atrium in 30.05.2017

Atrium in "South Gallery" shopping mall is a space for creativity and good humor

30.05 2017

Fiction and music, psychology and acting, business and sports, travel and yoga, art and medicine - supermarket Atrium offers books on any subject for reading in summer. Besides, Atrium has a special space for children. It is important for parents to involve their children into learning games, to make them read independently and to get them interested in learning new things. Exciting tales, educating books for the youngest, sketches, games and Arts and Crafts sets -everything can be found on the shelves of Atrium for the intellectual development of children. Presentations of new books, autograph sessions with writers and creative people as well as thematic literary soirees take place in Atrium. That is why "Atrium" in "South Gallery" shopping mall is a place where people can meet again and again.

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Coolness and freshness in 26.05.2017

Coolness and freshness in "South Gallery" shopping mall with Baskin Robbins

26.05 2017

The scientists have found out why children like ice cream. The answer turned out to be very simple - it is sweet, tasty and boosts spirits. Parents know that ice cream is the best way to make a walk in a park, swinging or visit to a shopping mall unforgettable for their children. Moreover, on vacation it is necessary not only to give children freedom - it is important to demonstrate them all your love and attention and to give them more time to teach new practical things. A joint visit to a shopping mall is a great way to spend time in a pleasant atmosphere, to talk about clothes and to choose clothes that fit you the best. And don’t forget to taste your favorite ice cream! The island of Baskin Robbins in "Southern Gallery" shopping mall offers you various flavors of ice cream made of natural cream: strawberry, blueberry, cherry, chocolate ... Children will be pleased with the names of sorts of ice cream - "Sweet caramel", "Praline", "Maple ice-cream with walnuts" or "Rainbow sherbet". To make your children happy, you just need to make them pleasant surprises and treat with the favorite tastes of Baskin Robbins ice cream.

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