The shopping center 'South Gallery' is the capital of shopping in Simferopol. Brands and advertising activities attract a local audience, which appreciates coziness, comfort and quality – and it is going on at the city's most vibrant highway.  The shopping center 'South Gallery' is an epicenter of fashionable novelties, useful discounts and sales for customers, and the entertainment for children and adults in addition to the shopping is always interesting and of current interest.

Due to the variety of stores, service of the European standards, regular discounts and special offers the shopping center 'South Gallery' is able to satisfy Simferopol citizens’ and guests’ needs in shopping and recreation.

 The shopping center 'South Gallery'  is also interesting with its tenants – hypermarket 'Auchan', confectionery store 'Masterskaia Karameli', home appliances and electronics hypermarket 'Comfy', 'DNS', sporting shop Wind Time, perfumery store L'etual.



There are also such brand clothing shops in the shopping center as Oodji, InCity, , Colins,  Pierre Cardin , DIM, MILAVITSA; home products — Poisk Home, Fissman, Issimo Home; stores goods for children Kari Kids, Detskii Krym, Stilinni, Orby etc. The shopping center offers a large variety of additional services, including drugstore, dry-cleaner, currency exchange and pet store.

  • Developer:
    South Gallery

  • Opening date:

  • Area:
    GBA: 80 157 sq. m
    GLA: 30 400 sq. m

  • Parking:
    1460 cars


Baby Boom Lego Stilini Kids мастерская карамели Actors Amy Gee Leonoff OGGI Bolero Экспедиция Kosmozoo Moda&Moda In City Letual Effect Atrium Империя сумок ТВОЕ Fellini Yummy Gloria Jeans Pierre Cardin Malagrida KARI O-la-la Juice shop Rich&Style Brand men ZENDEN Rigla ZENDEN Master zoo Монe Kado Ismart Connect Sushi nadom МТС Fissman Kids brand Milavitsa Брошь Perspective КрымЗолото Protein Skinfood Funduk City Fresh DNS L`etual voltmart Шатура Architektor Wind time Park Bags Ideal Auchan POISK HOME Чистый дом Samsung Marta Vladi Ювелирный Kari Kids LC Waikiki Detskii Krym issimo home Park tekhniki Double Cafe burger h karavan Neapol Panini Sushi Фан Чулан блины Баскин Роббинс Espressia Concept A FashionTOTs NewYorkStreetPizza Изба Valtes LeDama Domino Paul Becker Галерея саквояж Tesoro OnlyItaly ЕССО Rieker Antonio Biaggi UOMO OI smart scooter     LalaBella Кибернетики Sassofono салон обуви GRAFITE Arte Home Mrs. Smith Bianco Rosso Platinum DIM Colins О.слон Luxoptika Moreno Mr. Smith Gizia DJ Collection Час пик Maison D'or DIVA ORBY Weekender Yogumi Expedition Bags ES scarves GatoNegro Silver Art Mr.Morgan Voque MerryBerry термо посуда Pandora Smart Covers DP & Perfumum Цветы батарейки мономах cosmetics чайная лавка табакерка Polaroid серебро candy Go!Кофе! картины по номерам пресса WuZZup Casio WC WC WC WC

  • Administration

    Kievskaya Street 189  Simferopol
    10:00 – 22:00
    Hypermarket 'Auchan' 8:00 – 23:00


  • Marketing

    Please, write to to discuss issues concerning advertising and marketing projects.  


  • Rent

    Please, fill in this form to cooperate with the shopping center 'South Gallery'.

  • More

    Please, call +79 78 938 13 22 to discuss administrative issues and issues on the shopping center's work.

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