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23 Cafe Boulangerie

Game complex: children's cafe, holding children's birthdays and holidays, a children's room with an animator, where you can leave your child for shopping

Clothing for confident and independent women. All the models meet the latest fashion trends.  

Brain Smart


A store offering qualitative overclothes and jeans for both men and women.  

D&P Perfumum

Branded men's clothing

Shop of fashionable clothes, shoes and accessories for girls. It is easy to make your practical and thoughtful wardrobe.

A wide assortment of stylish female clothes and accessories.  

DNS is the Russian company, which owns the retail chain specialized in the sale of computers, digital equipment and home appliances.  

Niche perfumes, natural perfumes, fragrances popular brands

Women's clothing store

The Danish dishware store 'Fissman' offers a wide assortment of the most necessary stuff for kitchen. The dishware for cooking, kitchenware and serving cutlery, items for coffe and tea, sets for outdoor recreation and variety of accessories.  

Studio floristry and decor. Bouquets and compositions for every taste in an exclusive presentation. Florariums and stable colors.

Gyrometer, Segway, Segways, electric bicycles, and electric motorcycles, blisks, parts and accessories


Casual male cllothing and accessories.  

A shop with stylish youthful clothes. This store offers models of different styles: for inspiration, unusual solutions, club life and casual wear.  


A shop offering elegant textiles and accessories to create comfort and cozy atmosphere in your home.    

Footwear and accessories for the whole family. Kari gives an opportunity to create new exclusive looks every day at low prices.  

Place delicious coffee. A wide variety of spices for coffee, syrups, sweets and treats.

Fashion store for the whole family.

Fashionable, stsylish and womanly clothing of big sizes for charming ladies.  


A shop with fashionable classic clothing to create an individual style.  

A coffee house, where one can find a lot of dellicious pastry, a huge assortment of coffee beverages and summer smoothies.  

Accessories for mobile phones and smartphones

Island of men’s accessories and bracelets made of surgical steel, ceramics, wolfram, leather etc. 

A unique lingerie store specially designed for ladies with curvy shapes and non-standard breast size

The restaurant New York Street Pizza's menu consists of 19 varieties of pizza with different condiments. Besides, guests can choose a pizza condiment at will. The reastaurant also offers the European cuisine.  

Women's clothing store. Brands Richmond, Fabi, Baldinini and other

Female clothing and footwear in keeping with the best traditions of the Italian trendsetters!  

Fashion trends, stylish offers Shoe brands. The most advanced trends of the seasons!  

Women's clothing from leading brands

Stylish glasses for men and women. Modern polarizing lenses. Eyeglass cases.

Q-store - магазин бездымных систем

Women clothes, accessories of Italian brands: Plums, Kontatto, Rinascimento, Imperial and German brand Rich&Royal.

Shop men's shoes for any age and style. Made taking into account the trends of men's fashion from high quality genuine leather  

The store of fashionable women clothes

Sisters Aroma

Comfort in wear and style is our key to success. All the most trending in our collections.  

Female clothing for ladies, who follow trends.  

A large network of stores of household appliances and electronics. A huge range of certified products from leading manufacturers.

Mobile accessories


Fast food restaurant. Original recipes for breaded chicken dishes  

Car wash at the Shopping center

Place to sell batteries

Bags, briefcases, purses , business card holders, housekeepers, purses, gloves, belts, backpacks and suitcases. As well as umbrellas and other nice accessories.

Georgian fast-casual restaurant. Feel the taste and feel the atmosphere of Georgia itself.

A little piece of Italy. Pasta, pizza, ravioli, risotto, lasagna, desserts and more.


Russian cuisine - includes Russian cuisine meals, marvellous pirozhki with different condiments.  

Trendy and stylish collections in the biggest empire of fashionable accessories!  

Aromatic and solid Oriental cuisine meals! For true gourmets.  

Manicure tools and equipment

Goods for tourism, hunting and fishing  

Корейская косметика

Fireworks, firecrackers, firecrackers

Косметика Израиля

Jewelry store, which offers variety of goods with precious and semi-precious stones.  

Мануфактура Дом Природы

Carts for children

Cinema for the whole family. Modern projection and sound equipment, air conditioning system. Cozy rooms, comfortable chairs. Popcorn bar.

A store offering sunglasses and prescription glasses, modern optical frames, contacts lens. Сonsult an ophthalmologist.  

Sport nutrition  

ATM, terminal

Silver jewelry and accessories

Tobacco and Smoking accessories shop

TVOIE is an outstanding brand of fashionable clothing for active and cheerful people. It offers comfortable and stylish cllothing at a low price. Here you can by female, male and children's cltothes as well as accessories.  

Oriental sweets' shop  


Центр бытовых услуг

Goods for home and family, household chemicals, cosmetics, perfumery products