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In addition to the nice shopping in the shopping center «South Gallery» customers are welcomed in restaurants and cafes. A cup of coffee with dessert, solid fresh out of the oven pizza, refined Japanese cuisine, popular and favourite Russian cuisine meals will definitely please both big groups and every single customer.  The shopping center «South Gallery» also offers meals and beverages of different food cultures. Japanese cuisine from the «Murakami», youthful format from the «Merry Berry», fresh juices and smoothies from the «Merry Berry», light desserts and beverages from the «City Fresh», national flavor from the restaurants «Izba» and «Karavan», a large variety of hamburgers from the «Burger House» – everyone will find his or her favourite meal and beverage in the shopping center «South Gallery's» restaurants and cafes. And the hearty atmosphere of our public places will fill you with positive emotions!

23 Cafe Boulangerie


Fresh Bar



Place delicious coffee. A wide variety of spices for coffee, syrups, sweets and treats.


A coffee house, where one can find a lot of dellicious pastry, a huge assortment of coffee beverages and summer smoothies.  

New York Street Pizza

The restaurant New York Street Pizza's menu consists of 19 varieties of pizza with different condiments. Besides, guests can choose a pizza condiment at will. The reastaurant also offers the European cuisine.  

Sushi bistro - 2


Fast food restaurant. Original recipes for breaded chicken dishes  


Georgian fast-casual restaurant. Feel the taste and feel the atmosphere of Georgia itself.


A little piece of Italy. Pasta, pizza, ravioli, risotto, lasagna, desserts and more.


Russian cuisine - includes Russian cuisine meals, marvellous pirozhki with different condiments.  


Aromatic and solid Oriental cuisine meals! For true gourmets.  

Сковородовна – Федеральная сеть блинных ресторанов

Старик Хинкалыч

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