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Atrium book store in South Gallery shopping mall – a nice meeting place for interesting people

19.07 2016

Do you really think that Atrium means just heaps of books? In reality, Atrium is a hobby club. It is one of the most popular Simferopol meeting places for a shared activity.

On Atrium shelves, books from different knowledge areas are stored: literature and music, psychology and acting technique, business and sport, travelling and yoga, fine arts and medicine. Apart from books, since recently Atrium guests are invited to participate in specialised thematic evening parties where they are indulging in discussing freshly read books or the last board game session while enjoying a fragrant coffee cup.

Atrium embraces literati and poets that engage their readers and admirers in reading evenings and literary soirees, seminars, quiz parties and book presentations. Atrium is proud of their particular activities – visual-and-musical performances and concerts of local bands.

Board games venerators will find here like-minded fellows: every weekend Atrium holds an open game room party.

On July 30 in Simferopol a local Game of Thrones will be played, and Lannisters shall pay their old debts. It is worthwhile taking part, even if it is your first winning of a throne! It is an absorbing pastime, and the team will be high-class for sure, and the universe will not be enough for your vigour!

And the principal thing is to arouse interest for art in children. Games and readings, hand-made classes for infants: drawing, elements of origami, folding of unusual models, clay modelling and applications will open a wondrous world of decorative and applied arts to your child.

Atrium book store in South Gallery shopping mall - visited once and addict for ever!